Our Services

LEM Advisory Group targets industry experts and analysts, publishers and professional services organizations who are looking to innovate, grow and think about what’s next.  Our analysis and consulting services help you:

  • communicate how you can help clients as your relationship with them develops and matures over time.
  • refine your organization’s messaging so that it enables ongoing dialogue with clients about problems they need your help to solve.
  • cultivate a larger community of practitioners who serve as brand ambassadors of your expertise and practices.

As market trends evolve, so must your approach to building client relationships and growing revenue. LEM Advisory Group’s team works with your organization to study the challenges clients face and how these challenges connect to business outcomes.  Our needs analysis and assessment services help you:

  • identify additional streams of revenue from new services and solutions you can offer to current clients.
  • uncover current problems your prospective clients need your help to solve.
  • develop and sell “first-to-market” solutions.

Our LinkedIn and Strategic Networking Services help you:

  • implement targeted action plans.
  • cultivate a group of targeted ideal clients.
  • uncover common areas of struggle that current and target clients face.
  • identify additional services your firm can offer that align with areas of struggle.

We design and orchestrate Public Forums to:

  • invite prospective clients to learn from and with your current clients.
  • organize select groups of clients to share industry-focused best practices, common pitfalls, and methods that are critical to success.
  • market test new services and technologies.