Our President

After over twenty-five years working as an opera singer followed by corporate leadership and business development, Lynn formed LEM Advisory Group. She is dedicated to helping experts and organizations leverage current clients and members to grow additional streams of revenue. She serves as an advisor and consultant to publishers, technology and professional services firms. Lynn is a visionary who sees the big picture and possibilities for the future.  Her talents lie in catalyzing ideas, making unique connections, and orchestrating forums to bring them to life.

She immerses herself in your business, mastering and understanding of the resources needed to initiate conversations about what’s next.  Analyzing the data, she translates findings into future products and services.  Navigating the path, she creates a roadmap that brings them to fruition.  Putting the puzzle pieces together, Lynn sees what others can’t, predicting trends, anticipating client response and potential consequences of business decisions.  Lynn is tenacious, continuously learning and growing herself with each client situation.  Through facilitation she mentors her clients and forum speakers to make connections that help her clients’ customers become early adopters of their practices.

The Team

LEM Advisory Group assembled a team of experts that service and support clients with all phases of implementations. Our team includes experts in:

  • Networking
  • Social media strategy
  • Experience design
  • Conference and meeting logistics
  • Content Development
  • Community Development
  • Sponsorship
  • Branding